Recording services

Welcome to our studio where we can help realise your full potential, whilst you can have all the ideas, and we have all the tools to make this into something special.

Recording – All artists have different needs, therefore we are flexible. We have portable equipment, recordings can be done at your preferred location or in home studio locations. We have locations for multi-recording of bands or bigger lineups, as well as home studio environment for an intimate atmosphere.

Mixing – online mixing is relevant as never before. If you have done your own tracking, but need help with the mixing, contact us and let`s see what we can do for you. If you are not happy with your tracking, fear not. Much can be done to improve the recordings before mixing. Like re-amping guitars, drum trigging, effects, editing, turn midi drums to real drums and so on.

Mastering – requires high skills and experience. We provide mastering services, but also cooperate with professional mastering engineers around the world and together we aim for the perfect result.